Yes, I AM !

Just say it loud....Oh dear, just say it. I am Strong, I am Best, I am powerful, I am everywhere, I am Love, I am passionate,....!! Just say it loud....Oh dear, just say it. I am God, I am everything, I am trust, I am beloved, I am Inspiration, I am enthusiastic,.....!! Just say it…


Quote to UnQuote…. #2

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“Blog Recognition Award”

Oh, folks, it’s my third nomination in a row and I am pleased being nominated by Panchali Das. Thank you so much, Panchali. It is always great to have a nomination from a versatile personality like you. You are different in your writing style, your name fascinates me because it remembers me of Mahabharata's Draupadi.…

Gauri Lankesh: एक अ-‘वास्तव’ चिञण

‘गौरी लंकेश’. कोण आहे हि ? कोण होती ती ? का बरं मारलं असेल तिला ? अस काय करत होती ती कि एखाद्याला इथपर्यंत जाऊन पाऊल उचलावं ? काय रहस्य असेल तिच्या हत्येत ?